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    Solid finger joint beech wood wardrobes with Japanese shoji sliding doors. Cinius wardrobes with sliding doors stem from a desire to take advantage of the ingenious Japanese sliding door (shoji). Traditional sliding doors are often noisy and have problems sliding smoothly on their runners, whereas ours are made without metal parts. This centuries-old Japanese door surpasses all other doors with its lightness and simplicity, and with a touch of Italian creativity we have made it even more functional and environmentally-friendly. Environmentally-friendly, because rather than use exotic hardwoods like in Japan, our doors are made from European wood such as beech and spruce; functional because instead of traditional Japanese rice paper, which can be delicate and high-maintenance, we offer doors panels covered in a range of materials: – Ecru cotton fabric (economical, and easy to replace) – Colored fabric in a shade of your choice – Rice paper on a clear PVC base – solid wood finger joint rice paper – White PVC foam – Plexiglass Mirrored Plexiglass.




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