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Frequently asked questions

What is a futon?

A cotton mattress, handmade, originally from Japan and now spread around the world and appreciated as a base for very practical and healthy rest.

What are the advantages of the futon?

It is handmade, using a 100% natural fibers such as cotton, which is related to our skin, non-allergic, thermal (fresh in summer and warm in winter) and allows optimal transpiration.

Can a futon be placed on any box spring?

In its place of origin (Japan) the futon extends over the traditional soil "Tatami", a natural surface made of rice straw (igusa). The combination of futon and tatami is optimal since both products are natural and the characteristics of the tatami allow a perfect breathability of the futon. In case you do not use tatami, the other alternative is a box spring made of solid wood slats. A futon cannot be placed on a spring bed or on a compact surface that does not allow air circulation.

What maintenance does the futon require?

It is inevitable that futon 100% cotton will lose thickness over time. To prevent the cotton from getting too thick it is advisable to move it frequently, fold it, turn it weekly, to get the cotton layers to collect air and the futon remains fluffy and comfortable.

How long does a futon last?

The average life of any quality mattress is 10 years. After this time it is advisable to renew it. Futon can last 10 years but will inevitably lose thickness and will become harder and flatter over time. Moving the futon frequently, aerating it, bending it and preventing it from accumulating moisture helps lengthen the duration of it. The combination of cotton with an inner layer of latex also extends the shelf life of futon without so much care being needed to keep it fluffy.

When my futon has become very hard, can it be taken to your workshop to redo or repair?

No. Granny’s old woollen mattresses could be redone and refilled periodically, but futon goes through another sewing process and cannot be redone. In addition, the cost of handling the used futon, renewing the fiber of its interior by new cotton is equal to or higher than making a new futon.

Can the inside of the tatami house insects?

In various forums on the internet there are comments from some users who have had problems with insects on their tatami. It is very important to acquire the tatami in a specialized supplier that offers guarantees. As in all products, the tatami can have different qualities, prices, origins, durability... Our tatami mats are fully guaranteed, purchased for more than 20 years from our exclusive supplier in Taiwan, which exports the product to the Japanese, European and North American markets. As a mandatory requirement prior to export, the tatami passes a strict quality control, with special attention to the elimination of any possible insect. Being a 100% natural product obviously does not proceed to spray the tatami with a toxic insecticide. The elimination of possible insects is carried out through a thermal process. Inside an airtight chamber, the straw used to make the tatami is subjected to very high temperatures (about 100ºC) for 8 hours. This same process is repeated again when the tatami is already manufactured and packed in cardboard to ensure that at the time of entering the container for export from its origin in Taiwan, the product is completely sanitized and free of pests. In our warehouse in Barcelona the tatami is stored in its original cardboard packaging in a large, clean, dry and well-ventilated area. It is important that once installed in the home these conditions of good ventilation and cleanliness are maintained. Excessive humidity or lack of ventilation could be the cause of insects on the mat. You can withdraw from the purchase of a tatami within 14 days of delivery. After this period the company is not responsible for the subsequent appearance of moisture or insects in it. Being a product made with 100% vegetable/natural fibers this can subsequently attract insects or accumulate moisture, as a consequence of an environmental and external factor totally alien to our responsibility. This is not considered a manufacturing defect of the tatami and is not covered by the warranty.

In what sizes is the tatami available?

The standard size of the Japanese tatami is 90 x 180 cm. In addition to this original measure we also have tatami adapted to the western bed length of 200 cm. Available in 3 widths of 76, 80 and 90 cm. The thickness of a good quality tatami varies between 5 and 6 cm. The thickness of our tatami mats is 5.5 cm.

Can the tatami be placed directly on the floor?

The tatami can be placed directly on the floor, since the 5.5 cm thick already act as an insulator and allow the breathability of the mattress. We can raise the tatami a little floor level by placing it on a solid wood structure that will give us greater air circulation (breathability for our mattress) and an attractive aesthetic appearance. We call these structures Tatami Bases. Of great robustness, they rise between 10 and 20cm from the ground level and include a sommier of solid wood slats on which the tatami rests and a solid frame around it that gives the whole a sober and elegant finish. Various sizes and designs are manufactured to fit one, two or three tatami mats.

Can any mattress other than a futon be placed on a tatami mat?

The firmness and optimal transpiration qualities of the tatami are appropriate for any mattress. In our experience, in addition to the classic futon or futon-latex, mattresses made of 100% latex, wool or any other natural fiber (coconut fiber, horsehair, kapok) work very well on the tatami. Also recently we know from customers who have placed mattresses of synthetic fibers (visco elastic, tempur) on tatami, although in this case we do not have much experience and recommend consulting the manufacturer.

Do prices include VAT?

Yes. Published prices include 21% VAT.

Do the prices include transportation?

The transport and assembly of our products is not included in the price. The price of transport depends on the weight and volume of the product to be shipped. In general the average cost of a shipment to anywhere on the peninsula through the transport agency Schenker ( is 50 euros. In the area of Barcelona we offer transport and assembly service with a single charge of 40 euros.

Do the bed and tatami prices include the mattress?

The prices of the beds are only of the bed base, and do not include the futon. Tatami bases prices include tatami mats and wooden flooring, but also do not include futon. The prices of the convertible sofa bed do include the furniture, the futon and the protective cover for it.

What guarantee do the products have?

The bill of purchase of the product offers you a full warranty for a period of 2 years. Any bed, tatami or supplement with a defect is replaced without charge by a new one within 2 years from the date of purchase. With regard to mattresses, we must take into account the characteristics of the product «cotton futon». The gradual loss of thickness with the use of this product is considered normal, and does not respond to a manufacturing defect.

How is a product returned?

In case of return of a product, the customer must place the product/s in the corresponding box/es in which they were delivered, duly packed and protected for transport. The products must be returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging. The customer will not be able to exercise his right of withdrawal if the products are not able to go on sale because they are not in perfect conditions. The product cannot be returned if it has been previously assembled and placed the hinges or screws necessary for its installation staging. Only new and complete products (accessories, cushions, manuals where applicable) will be accepted. The amount of any product that has been damaged by the customer or whose original packaging is damaged in a way that goes beyond its simple opening will not be refunded or will only be partially refunded. For hygiene reasons, bed products may not be returned after opening (sheets, duvet covers, pillows, etc.). This legal right of withdrawal is exercised at no cost, except for transport costs. The legal guarantee does not apply to the repair of damages arising from a cause external to the product (such as a blow, incompatibility with the electrical network) or caused by the customer. The customer can return the product by his own means in one of the warehouses intended for this purpose by Futon LLit in which case the return is at the risk of the customer or through the transport company made available by Futon LLit, the customer must bear the cost of transporting the return whose cost is the same as the customer paid when placing the order. In case of return, the customer will receive the money to be refunded in the same form of payment in which he placed the order, either on his credit card or by bank transfer.

La factura de compra del producto le ofrece una garantía total sobre el mismo por un periodo de 2 años. Cualquier cama, tatami o complemento que presente un defecto se sustituye sin cargo por uno nuevo dentro del periodo de 2 años desde la fecha de compra. Respecto a los colchones, hay que tener un cuenta las características propias del producto «futon». Los futon presentan una forma irregular y pierden grosor con el paso del tiempo. La pérdida paulatina de grosor, o la forma irregular del futon, se considera normal, y no responde a un defecto de fabricación. Tanto los futons como los tatami pueden ser devueltos dentro del plazo de 14 días desde la fecha de entrega de la compra.




If you do not find the information you are looking for, contact Futon Llit and we will be happy to assist you and clarify any doubts.

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