Tatami Bed



The first model to be specially created for tatami. Designed in 1985, it has since became a classic . It was our first interlocking bed. Prior to this, the concept of a Japanese bed did not exist; the tatami were placed directly on the floor or on wooden planks. Can be made to measure both in terms of height and size

    • �Kibo� reclined wooden headboard, made of a thin sheet of solid wood. Its star feature is the grain of the solid finger joint beech wood .
    • solid finger joint beech wood
    • Interlocking assembly without metal parts (Magnetic Free)
    • If positioned against a wall it can be combined with the Futon headboard fixed to the wall with two brass hooks.
    • Recommended headboard: Padded cotton Futon with removable cover, available in a range of colors with or without ideograms
    • Available in untreated wood or in a range of colors


  • Treat with natural non-toxic impregnating oils
  • Can also be made to measure
  • Selected raw materials
  • Natural wood bed
  • Japanese bed


You can enhance the bedroom with the objects in the pictures: