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Ideal for rooms with ceiling heights greater than three meters

Mezzanine in solid laminated beech wood

Available to measure

Available in untreated wood or in a range of colors (see)

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    The Yen loft bed is the solution for you! Its light, natural structure enables you to gain square meters from your space. Made to measure and customizable according to your needs. An ideal loft bed for rooms with high ceilings of at least three meters. The base of the loft bed is covered with traditional Tatami mats. A solution that serves as a walkable floor area and breathable mattress base. Made of solid finger joint beech wood , Yen makes your room larger in a tasteful and rational way. In combination with the Yen loft bed, the modular cube steps provide access to the loft platform and can be used as storage units/bookcase/drawers.




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